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harp, strings & flute

On his second album, Vesje celebrates the emerging metropolis and Europe’s fastest-growing major city, Oslo. The title work of this album is the Suite “Oslo(ve)” consisting of five movements, all of them inspired by well-known places in Oslo. In addition to the majestic harp, Vesje included five string players and flute to the instrumentation. After the Suite follows the second movement from Vesje’s first Harp Concerto, II. Andante moderato, before ending with Prelude no. 1, specially arranged for this short album.


Enjoy the exciting journey through Uno Vesje’s musical landscape of Oslo!

More information and the music online

Digital booklet


solo album

"During the last few years, my attention gradually turned away from the orchestra pit to city streets. In the urban environments of New York City and Oslo, the interactions of people living between metal, concrete and glass became the inspiration for my music. My compositions are birthed by my creative spirit and natural instincts reacting to what I was experiencing in streets of these metropolises. My desire was to create music for the harp that would appeal to "The Man and Woman on the Street". My music is a conglomeration of stories, characteristics, scenes and emotions that arise from the heartbeat of...The City" - Uno Vesje



harp and soprano (EP)

Harpist Uno Alexander Vesje and soprano Margrethe Fredheim have in this album chosen some of their most treasured selections from the lieder repertoire. The album’s title draws inspiration from Paul Verlaine’s poem, La lune blanche, about the exquisite hour – when people meet and create something magical.


Winner of the Gold prize in Audio Engineering Society Recording Competition in Berlin 2014.


5.1 surround.




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